1/31 – The Choice We All Make

Since I started writing this blog I’ve gotten tons of comments about how inspirational it is, how strong my family and I are and how uplifting and positive my attitude is. Although I appreciate the kind sentiments, it isn’t difficult to find many, many people dealing with setbacks – some more serious than mine – in the same way.

You see, the only thing under our control in life is how we react to our circumstances. As my cousin Court said quoting Chuck Pagano “Circumstances don’t make you … They reveal you.” Goodness knows I have had circumstances in my life. Some I have not dealt with as well as this one.

But we all have a CHOICE. The CHOICE to be happy. The CHOICE to be positive. The CHOICE to live and the CHOICE to bring something positive to the people around us each and every day.

I mentioned in one post how special it was to wish the Mt. Sinai staff Merry Christmas. I say hello to everyone there, ask them about their families, their lives, the things that are MEANINGFUL to them. Isn’t it much easier to be NICE and INTERESTED and POSITIVE?

I know the statistics. I know the odds aren’t great here. I have Internet access. I can read the articles. But I also know that when there are odds and statistics sometimes the odds are IN YOUR FAVOR. And so it goes … what we are doing here is WORKING. The medicine is WORKING. And as long as it is I will beat this. My odds – my personal odds – say that something else will get me far down the road – before myeloma does. AND – if I truly believe that – then it is my JOB, my DUTY to help others feel the same about themselves.

This is one of those stories:


Thanks to my colleague and friend Jennifer for sending that to me.

I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Plenty of positive, inspirational people fighting for their lives while at the same time inspiring those around them to do the same. Inspiration and positivity is all around us. Jennifer took the time to send that to me. She saw something online, thought it would make me smile (which it did) and sent it to me. I got a card in the mail the other day from a guy I used to work with years ago. He’s a great guy. Always liked him. We weren’t necessarily “tight” but he took the time to write a card, stamp it and send it. Jon – you have NO IDEA how shit like that makes me feel! WONDERFUL!

So I am not the only one – BUT – I will go as far to say that EVERYONE has the capacity to be positive. EVERYONE has inspirational and courageous qualities inside them. I guess the question is – are we COURAGEOUS enough to act? Will we CHOOSE to act when others need us or when we need to for ourselves?

Here is the back story to the video:


Now THAT is inspiring!

3 responses to “1/31 – The Choice We All Make

  1. Amen Brad! You are absolutely right. You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option!!! Keep the fight going and thanks for inspiring all of us.

  2. Brave and Courageous are what get us to the right side of the statistics.You’ve done it most of your life, and it found you the wonderful wife you have. We can never let down. I know. Keep surrounding yourself with those that give you strength. They will keep you smiling .

  3. Brad – This video and your comments captured it all. You inspire me on a daily basis and our family is sending lots of positive energy your way. I’m envious that Eben and Syd get to see you today. See you in April if not sooner. Remember, I think you have a future as a writer – comedy and otherwise!!

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