1/25 – Twitter Explained

I often reference Twitter on this blog and how if you follow me you can get quick hits without the detail of the full blog. A lot of people don’t understand Twitter or how it works but it is a valuable resource for news, information and entertainment – not to mention the expert analysis of @court_mannCHI whose fantasy football advice propelled me to a fourth place finish this year. If I had only listened to him I probably would have won!

But the very best explanation of Twitter from a cancer fighter’s perspective comes from Matt @mpg61. I am cutting and pasting his blog entry verbatim because it is exactly what I feel and I couldn’t express it any better.

“… But what outweighs it all for me, is the discovery of an amazing online support network. Through Twitter I get and give encouragement. Other myeloma patients cheer me on if I tweet something about my latest lab results. If I’m feeling particularly jacked up from my steroids, I can tweet that, and someone will respond back with a joke about how they manage their steroid high. It truly is an amazing network. There is a network of fellow patients out there who I’d consider friends. The thing I’ve learned about cancer is that it changes your mindset. Myeloma, for me, is something that now underlies everything I do. I feel great and from many people’s perspective, I’m recovered and no worse for the wear. True but not true. I ‘d say you need to be a cancer patient or a caregiver to understand the complete mental aspect of all this. There are times I feel taxed by it all and am ready to take a mental vacation. I think I do a good job of balancing the emotions. But it is a huge help to have this network of fellow patients and caregivers who understand the impact of myeloma on our psyche. I’m lucky to have it.

Just to be clear, I also tweet a lot of nonsense. I’ve heard Twitter referred to a depository of brain farts.Again true, but there is value as well. You can find me at @mpg61…”

I am very lucky to have found the same support from others as well. Random tweeters, survivors, warriors and now friends. I just had a conversation with @mpg61 and @amyygarofalo. We are fighting together and fortunate to still be in the battle.

You can also find Matt at mattvsmyeloma.com.

You can find me on Twitter at bradstrong @bradcoustan.

2 responses to “1/25 – Twitter Explained

  1. I’m following you on Twitter now. I’ve never really used it before so you’re pulling me into the 21 century!

  2. Brad – I have gone back and read from the beginning. First, I am sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Second, enough of that shit. You know how i feel about you and have from the start. If anyone can stand up to this piece of shit cancer – you can. Your love of life, family and friends has always been an inspiration to me and I am sure all who know you. People often say “why me” you are saying “why not me” – what I am to learn from this – what I am to teach others from this. How can I make this journey a life lesson. For that, I am thankful to be a your student and you are my professor and I look forward to the next class. Bradstrong! Bradstronger! Bradstrongest! xoxo KP

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