1/19 – One More Link – But WOW!

I’m keeping it busy tonight. I don’t even like the show American Idol but what a performance on this link:

Lazaro’s Audition

We all have shit to overcome. As I watched this with my kids tonight we talked about the message. You will have to overcome a lot of crap in your life. Whatever life throws at you – STUTTERING, CANCER – WHATEVER – It is your job to OVERCOME it. As the legendary Jimmy V said “Don’t give up baby, never give up.”


2 responses to “1/19 – One More Link – But WOW!

  1. Thinking of you Brad. I was at our district meeting and lots of well wishes from many of the people you worked with here. We are thinking of you and pulling for a speedy recovery.

  2. That was a “beer run” audition – listening to his story and seeing his struggle, I started getting a little choked up. Then I thought, “oh shit, he’s gonna be able to sing.” I knew I had to get the hell outta the room or I’d be a mess so…”beer run”. Pretty cool though.


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