1/19 – Another Link

OMG – this one brought tears. When I think about the things this young girl goes through and thinks about, I think about my own kids. How true it is that we measure our life in MILESTONES. Let me be there for the Bar Mitzvahs, let me be there to take them to college, to be at their weddings…

How do you explain it to your CHILDREN? What they must go through. Why do they even have to think about it? I wish I could shield them from the pain. I want it to be easy for them.

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Anyway, thanks to my friend Rob – the judge – for keeping me company in treatment today. The company was great, the conversation stimulating as always and the Muligawtany Soup was SPECTACULAR! I love our friendship.


BELOW – one of the most joyous moments of last summer. Rob and Bruce. Yes it’s real. I took the picture as Rob pushed the entire fundraiser out of the way to get near him. His smile the rest of the night was priceless.



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