1/18 – Back in the New York Groove – Cycle 3

Back to Mt. Sinai today to begin cycle 3 of CRD (Carfilzomib, Revlimid, Dexamethasome) for 3 weeks then another bye week – DID I MENTION I LOVE THE BYE WEEK?

Things went smoothly. Mt. Sinai was a model of efficiency today. In and out by noon. My friend from California – since he probably should be WORKING – we will change his name to protect the **innocent** – let’s just call him Mave O’Dara – was in town and brought me lunch. We were joined by my AWESOME brother who is a Friday staple in my life.

I can’t tell you how great it was to see “Mave” and how great it is to have these weekly moments with my bro. I love you brother. It means so much to have you on my journey.

Blood work looking good. Total protein below 7 for the first time. Now stands at 6.7. Albumin high, Bilirubin low. BUT HERE’S THE (GOOD) NEWS. Take it with a grain of salt please but they took the myeloma markers today and FROM WHAT I SAW – and I could be way off base – UNOFFICIALLY-my IGg number was IN NORMAL RANGE. That’s the one that was way out of range. It has gone from 3360 on 11/26/12 to 1425 today. Normal range is 700-1600. THIS COULD BE VERY GOOD.

Again, not spiking the ball here. Many measurements to see and this is really unofficial. BUT – when these numbers come out – I think – THINK – we are going to have some good news.

OK – back at it tomorrow morning. If I get the official blood results I will post later. I don’t think we will to end of weekend.

Feeling very good. Feeling #bradstrong. It’s a great day to fight cancer – AGAIN.

One response to “1/18 – Back in the New York Groove – Cycle 3

  1. Fingers crossed that your initial assessment if the results matches the official report. Sat hi to “Mave”

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