1/17 – Enjoying the Bye Week

Today – Thursday – marks the end of my week off from treatment, which is now known affectionately as the BYE WEEK. I feel great. I don’t feel like I have cancer at all. Just like an NFL team – I am using my bye week to refresh, recharge and refocus on all the other important things in life. WORK, FAMILY, LIFE.

Since I have no real NEW news until tomorrow when I begin cycle 3, I thought I would share some links.

First is a blog from Kevin. Kevin just celebrated his two year anniversary of diagnosis and has achieved complete remission – MY GOAL. Pretty cool to read about his experience.

Read About Kevin

Second is Matt. Matt is my friend, my Twitter buddy and a Myeloma SURVIVOR and THRIVER. Matt picks me up when I am down. He keeps a blog as well called “Matt vs Myeloma”

Read About Matt

Last is a blog from a guy named Sean who compares the Myeloma battle and survival to STOPPAGE TIME in soccer. I think this is the BEST analogy I have seen/read about “How much time do I have left?”

Read About Sean

So – cycle 3 begins tomorrow. My friend David from California is meeting me at treatment. Looking forward to joining the battle again after my bye week. I feel much stronger. Tomorrow – TOMORROW – will be a GREAT day to fight cancer – AGAIN.

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