1/10 – Cycle 2 Officially Complete

Just popped my last Revlimid pill out of 21. I am now officially on a week off from Chemo. Now time for a good “week on” for everything else! Cycle 3 starts 1/18 at Mt. Sinai. Everything going according to plan. Other than a little tired from leaving the house at 5:30 for work – feel good. No pain, flu almost gone, family by my side tonight.

Day by day, one foot in front of the other. #bradstrong

4 responses to “1/10 – Cycle 2 Officially Complete

  1. The Chinese say a trip around the world starts with the first step. Keep stepping.


  2. Way to go Brad, stay positive, you can beat this. What a role model you are for your family. What you are teaching your family is priceless.

  3. We are so happy that you are feeling great and responding so well. Your attitude and fight inspires us all. We are so proud to be your sister and brother-in-law. Btw, Berkeley Heights has no chance!!!! LOVE and BIG HUGS xxoo

  4. Goodby Cycle 2, YOUR OVER!!!!!! Hello, One week for family work and fun. So happy to see you are doing so well. Love you, Uncle Gary

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