1/7 – The Pick Axe

I really wanted to write this yesterday but I was fighting a cold and literally spent the afternoon on the couch and had no energy at all. We started the morning with Victor’s basketball game. Lost – AGAIN – to our nemesis Berkeley Heights (We can’t find a way to beat this team!) Dropped our record to 6-1 on the season but the boys fought so hard and led for much of the game. We lost to this one team FIVE times last year between regular season, tournaments and playoffs and we play them so TOUGH every single time. Just can’t get over the hump.

The best part of the day – MY SILVER LINING – was this:


This was left in our mailbox by our friends Adam and Lisa with the most thoughtful card about battling cancer and using the pick axe every step of the way. It literally brought me to tears. I don’t know what to say to everyone that has given us so much over the last six weeks other than I plan on being around long enough to return your generosity and spirit.

It is hard to explain to your kids why a pick axe makes you cry. Do they understand what it represents? Probably not. It’s hard to explain to them why I am sleeping on the couch at noon on a Sunday. Tonight I want to do the same but I am going to muster the energy to stay up just a little bit more so they can get some DAD time.

Once I am done fighting cancer with that pick axe – we are going to use it on Berkeley Heights!

2 responses to “1/7 – The Pick Axe

  1. Pretty cool Brad, in Newport at a business meeting. Check out the Sunset and picture of Drew and my grandson Trevor at Charlotte bday party yesterday in NY I hope it makes you smile. Richie P

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