1/2 – Drugs and the Doc

Pretty normal day today. Work – good meetings – followed by helping Ava with her homework. It’s nice to wake up with purpose every day! Last night we had such a great dinner with amazing friends – you all know who you are – thank you so much – but the difference now is that there is no wine involved for me. By the way – makes it much easier in the morning! What a new concept! BK – hope you are feeling Frangelico and Vodka free today.

I keep going on and on about how special our friends are but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think it and I am supposed to write what I am thinking on here. So no better way to ring in the New Year than with great friends, meatballs and gravy and a lesson in raising older kids. Helene – I don’t know if we are quite prepared for that one! I will say this – I never laugh harder than when I spend time with all of you.

Today’s SILVER LINING is the DRUGS and the DOC. For those who want to learn more about treatment, philosophy and what’s in the pipeline – here is a link to an interview with Dr. J about new drugs in the pipeline. I’ve said it on this blog before – I am in the best hands I could possibly be in with this guy. He is a myeloma STUD.


If the objective here – in absence of a cure – is to kick the can down the road long enough until there IS a cure – I am in very good hands.

So – new drugs being approved all the time means when I kick this thing – and I will kick it – as promised last night at dinner – we are going to CABO!

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