12/30 – Old School

Pic from last night kickin it old school with the original crew. What a great dinner! Always great to see our friends from the old hood. Anyone got a spare BILLION?


A few things to clear up from that photo. Yes Helene was there but in the pictures she was in I was all shriveled up in the booth and looked like a cancer patient … er, wait … I am a … Second, I still have not had wine, beer, alcohol. I am told a glass of red wine is good but blood moving in right direction. I don’t want to mess with that. Very superstitious. Maybe New Years Eve. Third – I do NOT have a white iPhone. Thanks to the husbands for allowing me to take the picture while they scarfed down anything on the sushi menu that was actually cooked.

Just wanted to get a quick post out there for morning coffees. More later. Woke up late and need to get to the gym. The Ambien / Percaset combo has me off to a late start – but needed the sleep.

Off to NYC later to see Spider Man on Broadway. Thank goodness I am missing these painful NFL games. Don’t think I can stand to watch the Vikings AND the Cowboys keep my Giants and Bears out of the playoffs.

SILVER LINING – we have many friends from many different phases of our lives and we LOVE you all.

#bradstrong – It’s a great day to fight cancer! Again!

4 responses to “12/30 – Old School

  1. Great seeing u guys last night!! Drinking my morning coffee now…thanks for posting! Love u so much and I know you will get through each phase of this journey with the “eye of the tiger”!! You are a true inspiration to so many…your strength, insight and perspective WILL get you through anything!! Stay strong…we are wearing our BRADSTRONG bracelets proudly and will continue to keep them on!! Enjoy Spider-Man –it’s supposed to be great!! 🙂

  2. It was so great seeing you last night Brad!! We love you and you are truly an inspiration. Always thinking of you and wearing the BRADSTRONG bracelets..Wendi and Chris

  3. Brad,w e have never met but I know of you from Harvey, whom I have known for about 23 years.
    . I have learned that attitude is EVERYTHING. Mind over matter , today, cant truly be quantified by the medical community. Your positive attitude and those around you will have a meaningful impact on your recovery. My New years yoga class tomorrow will be dedicated to you. Kick ass. Namaste!!

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