Back to the Mount

Treatment went off today without a hitch. Blood good. Looking forward to the week off and seeing where the myeloma markers are. Next Friday I have to bring back a jug of urine for the monthly urine test. Always interesting the places I have to pull over for that collection.

It’s just nice to have a stress free day. I feel great. Got a ton of work done during treatment. Business planning and such.

Today’s SILVER LINING is all the inspiration I continue to get from all of you. Seeing all of the photos on Facebook of everyone on vacations with family helps me look forward to next year getting out of NY again. Funny – the one year we aren’t skiing in Vermont is the one year they get dumped on with snow. Can’t believe Okemo and Killington are operating at near 100%! As they say … next year in… Vermont!

Also the amazing quotes and articles of inspiration are great as well. I particularly liked this one from our friend Ellen in FL:

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up” — Babe Ruth

Thanks Ellen! I’m not giving up – I’M JUST BEGINNING!

Keep those vacation photos from Florida, Hawaii, Mexico coming. And Vermont – Ima be witch you next winter! I will post last years below:









2 responses to “Back to the Mount

  1. Love u and glad today was a good one! U r so strong! All the Manns are wearing our bradstrong bracelets thinking of u. Xoxo

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