12/28 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Back at Mount Sinai again today for 2nd week of cycle two. Got here about 11AM and just started IV now at 2:40 PM. Good thing it’s only 10 minutes!

Why the delay? The blood wasn’t looked at right away. Before they dispense medicine, they have to check the basic blood counts to make sure I can take it. The most nerve wrecking part of this whole ordeal is coming here every week and something unexpected happening. When they told me the lab hasn’t released the meds yet because the blood work isn’t back IMMEDIATELY I think something is wrong. That’s the worst part. The UNKNOWN. Right now everything is fine – other than CANCER – but when things aren’t going on the right time fame or step by step I right away think – NOW WHAT?

Blood work is fine though. Total protein still going lower at 7.7. Everything else pretty much still in range. Looking forward to getting the myeloma markers in a couple of weeks so I can see the progress – but I will tell you – the ANTICIPATION, the WAITING – will be the hardest part.

Looking forward to a relaxing evening. Back at the Mount tomorrow AM.

Feeling good today. Feeling #bradstrong.

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