12/23 – This Is Amazing

Here is a link to a video interview with Kathy Giusti of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Kathy was diagnosed in 1996 and was told that she had very little time to live. Since then she has not only lived – but THRIVED.


I wrote over Thanksgiving about MILESTONES. how many more MILESTONES would I be around to participate in? Holidays, birthdays anniversaries? We measure life not in years but in MILESTONES. I BELIEVE that is what keeps me going and keeps me positive. Having a support system like I do with FAMILY, FRIENDS and COWORKERS and CLIENTS keeps me going everyday. I have too many MILESTONES left that I want to share with all of you. Not just my MILESTONES but your MILESTONES as well.

The other thing that makes me happy every day is knowing that I (or anyone else for that matter) can have an IMPACT on others. Kathy has obviously had an impact on many lives through her dedication and work with the MMRF. But – our IMPACT on each other’s lives doesn’t have to be on a large scale. For example:

We are home for Christmas. Usually we are away. Skiing or warm weather – anywhere but home. In fact – Christmas has very little impact on us as a family. What I have noticed over the past few days of treatment is that if I take just a little bit of TIME to say Merry Christmas to people they STOP and they SMILE. Helene says I am a household name at Mt. Sinai. I know everyone there from the guys who park the car, the people who check me in, all the great nurses who administer the meds, even the security guy in the lobby. All of these people are there to do a job. In most cases that job has to do with people that are incredibly ill all the time. Most of patients (at least on the outside) look worse off than I do. It’s the least I can do to stop and GENUINELY ask “How are YOU? How’s YOUR day going” or “Merry Christmas”

Through the pain of FACING MORTALITY every day I get such INTENSE PLEASURE of all the wonderful LITTLE THINGS life has to offer and all of the wonderful LITTLE THINGS that random people do for me EVERY SINGLE DAY. There are heroes all around us in everyday life.

I watched an interview with Louis CK, the comedian, on line last night. He was giving advice to aspiring filmmakers at NYU and his big kicker was that it is so hard to get a job in Hollywood that once you get a job – do everything with passion and heart. The first job you get will be (most likely) entry level and meaningless – BUT – if you perform that job with energy and passion you will be remembered and hired back. His last line applied to bosses and workers as well – “LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO BE AN ASSHOLE” – ain’t it the truth!

When I see an interview with Kathy Giusti like above or anyone else it just reminds me that I can still have an IMPACT. Maybe not on the grand scale that Kathy does – YET – BUT – I can have an impact on the everyday lives of other people I encounter. And that – makes me SMILE.

Feeling great today. Bones feel great. Heading to the gym. Merry Christmas. #bradstrong

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