12/21 – Cycle 2 Begins

Today I started a new Chemo cycle. I will go Friday/Saturday for three weeks and then have an off week. I am getting some new stuff. CARFALZOMIB which is the newest, latest and greatest therapy. It was recently approved (within a couple of months) and Dr. J did the trials. Along with that I take a REVLIMID pill every night. And in addition I still get the steroid DEXAMETHASOME on the IV days (Fri/Sat) so you can expect some good philosophy on Mondays I guess.

If anyone gets the AWARD FOR THE DAY it’s got to go to my brother Craig who trudged through wind and rain and cold to come meet me for treatment in the city today. Thank goodness he did too because I forgot my wallet so I needed money to get my car out of the lot! He has been there for EVERY SINGLE SESSION. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I love ya brotha!

After treatment I got the opportunity to hang with friends. Noah and I talked baseball and basketball strategy over lunch and Corey dropped off some Brooklyn Nets tix for Xmas day for the family. FRIENDS ARE GOOD. LOVE MY PALS.

Just a good regular day with some Chemo cocktail mixed in. ANOTHER GREAT DAY TO BEAT CANCER.

AND ….. new blood work from today shows TOTAL PROTEIN in NORMAL RANGE. Still have other protein issues in the marrow – which as we said is heading in the right direction but TOTAL PROTEIN in the blood was at 7.9 under the high range of normal 8.3.

NOW – after a great dinner at Ferraros (which by the way there could not be a nicer guy in town than Chuck – he is #bradstrong) and a walk through Westfield I am going to sit down and drink some pomegranate juice and some Trader Joes green juice.



2 responses to “12/21 – Cycle 2 Begins

    • Way to go Brad, you are an inspiration and amazing. Look forward to seeing you and your precious family soon. Love the Pollacks .

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