12/20 – Some More Good News

Thursday – worked all day. Brought some of my favorite clients cannolis and cookies. Had a few great meetings and got to hang out with a colleague that was in from Boston. Big ups to Sean Mac (sounds like Boston, doesn’t it?) for hanging in my car and being a great co-worker, friend and #bradstrong supporter.

But the first SILVER LINING today comes from Natalie at Dr J’s office who left me a message today that the blood work from yesterday confirmed the direction we are heading is right. M Spike now down to 2.66, IGg down to 2700 and Free Kappa (which started at 475 on the first test) now down to 231. As she said in her message, they are “very pleased” with those results.

Second SILVER LINING – my co-workers. They sent an email out the other day at work regarding my deal. Since then I have been overwhelmed with calls, emails and comments of support. I feel all of you in Orange County and I thank you all. Listen – in the last year I have overcome two snowstorms, two hurricanes (Irene and Sandy) and now I will overcome Cancer. Oh…and by the way – I will do it looking down at all of you from the top of the sales run in 2013. BOOK IT!

So we’ve got the West Coast #bradstrong. I’ve got the Midwest #bradstrong thanks to family, friends and cousins galore. Of course East Coast is where I am and our community is. I feel the whole country is #bradstrong! And it’s because of all of you that we are improving day by day. Long, long way to go but improving.

If anyone wants to know what these numbers mean you can click here to read more on protein measurements in MM.

Click to access M-protein%20in%20MM_v02jun04.pdf

That’s it. Starting the next cycle tomorrow at 9AM. New meds. Carfalzomib, Dexamethasone and Revlimid. (CRD). Dr J says this is more powerful. It’s the newest and latest stuff. Here’s hoping it works even better!

It’s a great day to fight cancer today.


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