12/19 – By The Numbers

So I posted earlier – moving in the right direction. Numbers are below. These are what they call the Myeloma markers

Component Standard Range 11/26/2012 12/13/2012
ALBUMIN, ELP 3.50-5.70 G/DL 3.93 3.54
ALPHA 1 GLOB 0.10-0.40 G/DL 0.35 0.37
ALPHA 2 GLOB 0.40-1.10 G/DL 0.70 0.85
BETA GLOB 0.50-1.20 G/DL. 0.69 0.71
GAMMA GLOB 0.60-1.60 G/DL 3.23 3.03
PROTEIN TOTAL 6.0-8.3 G/DL 8.9 8.5
M-SPIKE % 31.10 31.60
M-SPIKE G/DL 2.76 2.68
A/G RATIO 0.79 0.72

Component Standard Range 11/26/2012 12/13/2012
FREE KAPPA SERUM 3.30-19.40 mg/l 475.96 339.96
FREE LAMBDA SERUM 5.71-26.30 mg/l 6.21 6.13
FREE KAPPA/LAMBDA RAT. 0.260-1.650 76.644 55.458

I will try to explain. Everything in BOLD is out of range. Too high. These are all measures of protein. TOTAL PROTEIN for example is 8.5. Normal is between 6.0-8.3. 8.5 isn’t that bad! Especially when you consider it was 8.9 a month ago and over 9 when first measured.

EVERYTHING ELSE that is out of range is high but TRENDING DOWNWARD TOWARD NORMAL. Long way to go for sure but trending in the right way. Also note that this blood work was taken before the last treatment of the cycle so our assumption (although we never assume) is that the numbers may be even better than this.

NOW – before we run amok with collective giddiness – the bones are still bad. The genetics still indicate its going to be a long road. BUT – things are moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION and that is GOOD.

As I said – no spiking the ball. We ain’t even on the other side of the field yet – but we’ve got a first down under our belt and have some room to “matriculate the ball down the field” for all of you Hank Stram NFL Films fans.


Today this blog received over 750 hits. Thank you everyone for your support and love. I remain, everyday, HUMBLED and GRATEFUL. It means more to me than you could ever imagine.

I begin a new cycle on Friday. New cocktail. More potent. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to getting this shit outta here.


That’s it for now. Feel good. Bones good. #bradstrong

2 responses to “12/19 – By The Numbers

  1. Brad, that’s great news!! Keep up the great work!! Be Postitive, Be BradStrong!! XOXO, EB, Wendy, Syd and Aidan

  2. Brad, keep hitting it with Hank’s rolled up playbook, you will matriculate all the way to the house.

    Regards Bob Cap

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