12/13 – The New Normal

So yesterday I went to the gym and worked all day out on Long Island. Saw some great clients, raised some dough (hopefully) and generally felt great except for the being in the car all day part.

The ride home from LI was tough. I was literally falling asleep in the car. The NEW NORMAL is that I get tired. A lot. I am going to have to plan for that going forward.

I had another client Xmas party last night in NJ so what did I do? I came home and took a NAP! I got home about 4:30 and took about a 90 minute NAP and went to the Xmas party and felt great. I love NAPS.

NAPS are the SILVER LINING of the day.

Treatment #4 today. Just a shot and some pills. Quick in and out and then I will see you all at the Franklin School Band Concert tonight. That is – as long as I get my NAP time in beforehand!

Feel good. Bones good. #bradstrong.

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