12/10 – Treatment #3 – SILVER LINING – The Little Things

I have many requests for an update on today’s treatment session in addition to the picture of the chemo party I posted earlier.

Pretty uneventful day. As I mentioned earlier I felt great all night and all day. Woke up, worked and left for NYC to get some Cytoxan (IV drip), Velcade (shot) and Dex (steroid pills). Had a great time with all my visitors. Thanks to Craig, Jon and Pamela for having lunch with me today! I asked my nurse Katie if Mt. Sinai is open at night. I figure I could get my treatment at night and we could have a card game or something. Here is the picture again for those who missed the earlier post:


So – I guess the questions everyone wants answers to are

1. How do I feel?
2. What is the SILVER LINING of the day?

How do I feel? I feel great. Usually do when I get a steroid. Today went very smoothly. I got to Mt. Sinai at 11:30 and left there by 2:30. Katie was great. My blood work continues to improve ever so slightly. Even Gitty, my SILVER LINING from last week dropped by the treatment room to say hello. I know that made my brother happy. I hope you never have to deal with cancer – but if you do – make sure to get yourself some Gitty Fishkin to take care of you. Mt. Sinai is lucky to have her as an asset. Anyway, got home, finished up some work and went to coach basketball tonight.

Look – I realize the days won’t always be easy like this. I am happy to take all that I can, while I can. I fully expect Wednesday to suck. Two days after treatment. That is the early pattern. Right now I feel regular. Regular is good.

What is the SILVER LINING of the day? THE LITTLE THINGS. THE LITTLE THINGS make the biggest differences. So many things make me smile during the day now that I never seemed to notice before. Or … maybe I noticed them all but never truly stopped to appreciate all the LITTLE THINGS that are part of my day to day life.

The fact that we have met so many people from so many different venues in town (Franklin School, Temple, JCC, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer) that have united (for lack of a better word) on our behalf is still remarkable and humbling every day. Likewise the support from family and our friends outside of Westfield humbles me as well.

Support doesn’t have to be heroic. It doesn’t take effort. An email, a follow on Twitter, a comment on the blog or a text message is a LITTLE THING that makes me smile during the day. Many people have dropped off dinner, gifts, cards and such. Every touch means something – but not just to me. Every touch means something to us all. As I said, we all deal with our day in day out shit. I think I tweeted one day last week that

“you can’t get mad when the doctor runs late because it just means that someone else’s shit is worse than yours”

Everyone has bad days so if you have a good day do a LITTLE THING to make someone’s day better. If you have a bad day just STOP – for one minute – find something that makes you smile – and take a mental picture of it. You will feel better instantly.

Here are some LITTLE THINGS that I took a picture of today that made me smile:

1. Three phases of my life (my family, my wife’s family and my friend) interacting together having a brown bag lunch in my treatment room.

2. Seeing how much effort Ava and Victor put into their homework and how hands on Helene is helping them understand it and complete it. Having cancer is tough but being a great Mom requires a certain vigilance as well. She’s a great one.

3. Watching Coach Mike explain a 1-3-1 defense in practice.

4. Trader Joe’s 100% Very Green Juice Smoothie. I don’t know why. It just looks like it should make me feel better.

5. An email from Adam Derman about his experience with Twitter. That is one I will archive and read over and over whenever I need a laugh.

These things happen EVERY DAY all around us ALL THE TIME. There is that old saying that begs us to “stop and smell the roses” and that is never more true than when you face mortality. I promise myself that my POST CANCER LIFE will absolutely include more appreciation of life’s everyday LITTLE THINGS.

Rambling again… sorry. Time for bed.

One response to “12/10 – Treatment #3 – SILVER LINING – The Little Things

  1. Just want you to know the Lewis’ in Northfield, Arlene and Marty, are pulling for you. Keep up your great attitude.

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