12/10 – Feel Great

Since I wrote a depressing post on Saturday about how shitty I felt I thought I would just give everyone a quick hit to say that Sunday night was easily the best night for me since treatments began. I slept through the night without pain. I only got up one time. Now, on Monday morning, I am having my coffee and feeling great.

I fully expect that there will be good days and bad days ahead. Just because I have a bad day (pain, nausea, shakes) doesn’t mean that I am not getting better. In fact, I think it means the opposite. It means that the shit is flowing and working. The road to recovery is not a paved one. There will be bumps and rocks. I will write about them because its what I feel. The ONE THING I want everyone to know though is that there is NEVER A DOUBT that I will get through this.

Thanks again to all for your support, your comments and your love.


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