12/8 – Saturday – Victor’s Game


WE WON 36-34. I felt like shit this morning. The second day after treatment is the hardest. I think the steroid wears off and I start getting shaky and a little nauseous. Somehow with the help of my assistant coaches we pulled it off. The boys played great. It’s so fun to see them all make plays to win.


I used to be able to play like this. I used to be able to compete with him, push him, make him work. Now I can’t do that anymore. Someday I will play against him again. Of course he probably will beat me by that time – but someday I will play one on one with Victor again.

Do you think he understands? It must be so hard for the kids to watch me moving so slowly. I fight on these types of days just to be normal – to not let them see me weakened and sore. Tomorrow I will feel better. Maybe not basketball better – but I will be ready to coach again tomorrow morning.

The best days are ahead …

3 responses to “12/8 – Saturday – Victor’s Game

  1. Coach: Your bones may be weakened, but the kids only see your strength. Same with your friends. You are stronger than ever.

  2. Hi Brad: Congrats on Victor’s victory! Your cousins in Minnesota would like to take some credit for the win because we were all wearing our Bradstrong bracelets (ha)…Love ya Buddy,

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