12/7 Friday

Today I spent the day catching up with people. Clients and friends either by phone or email. I decided to continue the treatment days at Mt. Sinai in NYC for now instead of Overlook in NJ because Mt. Sinai has private rooms. I think that is worth the $13.00 toll. I can work or have guests stay with me for the couple of hours.

My SILVER LINING today continues on the kindness themes. First of all – I coach soccer for Ava. I am the least important coach out of the three of us. Josh is our head coach and Mike is the other assistant. I know nothing (or at least did know nothing) about soccer before the season but this baseball/basketball coach has come a long way. My status as Josh’s 2nd lieutenant meant that Mike got all the best swag. I envied Mike’s red Westfield Soccer warm up from the moment Josh tossed it to him as he simultaneously tossed me a blue hooded sweatshirt that may or may not have been Victor’s size.

Today Mike and Josh came by to see how I was doing and lo and behold they came with a brand new red Westfield Soccer warm up in just the right size. THE LITTLE THINGS WE DO HAVE SUCH BIG IMPACT ON EACH OTHER.

Things like this are happening every day. My friend Corey just emailed me and asked me if I wanted his Nets tickets – any game! Friends have sent dinners over, brought gifts, sent gifts and I spend most evenings answering text and emails. Please know that I try to answer every single one personally. If you all can be so kind to me I can surely be kind in return.

I have been thinking about my post cancer life a lot. I hope that I am able to go that extra mile for each of you in the same way albeit under circumstances that don’t require it. I feel as if I am a fairly good person. Friendly, charitable when I can be (sometimes even when I can’t) and hospitable. Maybe I can go one more step for each of you in the future. I would like that opportunity.

I’m rambling now. Having some slight bone pain tonight and popped a couple of percosets. Have a great weekend….zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

One response to “12/7 Friday

  1. Big Cuz….I love reading this stuff. Who knew you had such a way with the mighty pen? You called this blog “selfish” in an earlier entry. Quite the opposite, my friend. It allows those of us who are thousands of miles away to feel much closer to you and provides us with a connection to what you’re feeling, enduring, and overcoming. Keep writing and keep fighting….I know you will. BRADSTRONG!

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