12/6 – Treatment 2 – SILVER LINING – Gitty

I had my second chemo treatment at Mt. Sinai yesterday. A shot of Velcade, 40mg pills of Dex and Zometa which is a bone strentghener. I was so happy to get that because some days I literally feel as if I move the wrong way my bones will crumble and I will be like Peter Griffin in Family Guy in the episode when he wished he had no bones.


Anyway – I was so tired when I got home – I had a client Xmas party last night after chemo – that I did not update this blog. I fell asleep at about 9:45 which is great because I had no bone pain all night. Hopefully that means this shit is working.

I was taken aback by the emails I received this morning when I woke up asking me what yesterday’s SILVER LINING was. I am grateful to know that people actually read this thing. It is really a selfish exercise for me to release my feelings, thoughts and frustrations and I am happy and humbled to think that people care about that day to day.

I can post something every day but I don’t want to bore you all. We all have our own shit we deal with from day to day, hour to hour and not everyone keeps a blog about it. I will always post relevant thoughts and feelings and updates about treatments. Some days will be just regular days. Wake up, go to work, spend time with friends and family. AND ACTUALLY THAT’S REALLY GOOD.


Gitty is the woman at Mt. Sinai that gives me the shots and IV. She is all business. When my brother and I were there Monday she wouldn’t give in to any of my jokes. Very serious with just the right amount of sarcasm to let me know she was taking it all in. The great thing was that after the IV drip was over and the needle was out she held my hand, looked me in the eye and said “I am very happy for you.” MEANING? I think it means I am very happy that today you are on the road to recovery. That started today. I think Gitty also can sense the tremendous support I am getting from all of you.

Yesterday at treatment #2 Gitty and I struck up a conversation. Topics ranging from family, religion, etc. I felt compelled to give her a #bradstrong bracelet. This serious, businesslike woman whose job it is to stick needles in my body twice a week took some time to get to know me just a little bit as I did to get to know her. When I stood up to enter the treatment room – before we walked down the hallway – and after I gave her the bracelet – Gitty hugged me. There are good people in this world. EVERYWHERE.

7 responses to “12/6 – Treatment 2 – SILVER LINING – Gitty

  1. you write so beautifully…….I am feeling good about your treatment and your attitude. My good wishes for you are constant…..much love, Cousin Ruth

  2. Thank you for writing Cousin, it’s NOT boring, & yes, you are loved, supported, & share the need for humor when things SUCK! We will wear our bracelets always. I cannot help but think of you as my GIANT cousin, & even giants need their peeps….Cousin Jilly

  3. Brad good people always find good people! Love your blog, never knew writing was another talent of yours. Keep it up, it is a silver lining to all of our days.

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