12/5 – This Made Me Smile

Our friend Noah is coaching basketball this year. He is Victor’s baseball coach and I think this is his first stint as a basketball coach. He is coaching his son’s travel team. Noah knows that I coach Victor’s travel team so we spent a few minutes exchanging texts. He was pretending to ask my advice on coaching because tonight was his first game.

So … I am tired, leaving my work dinner in the city, dealing with traffic in the tunnel (Holland backed up had to go thru the Lincoln) and feeling sorry for myself because of this crazy shit in my bones. I started losing it. In tears on the way home with no shot anymore of seeing the kids before they go to bed.

… and then I get a text. From Noah. “We won, 27-25.” NOTHING MADE ME SMILE MORE ALL DAY. I know how much it means to Noah to have an impact in his son’s life (or any of his player’s lives) and I could imagine him smiling as he wrote that to me.

Just as I was feeling sorry for myself something so simple turned that around.

Congrats on your first (basketball) win Noah. I am really, really, happy about that.

4 responses to “12/5 – This Made Me Smile

  1. Appreciating your honesty, Brad, and loving your daily acknowledgment of “silver linings”. Now I’m smiling, too.

  2. Brad , that is so touching! U are an amazing person. Jeff and I are praying for u everyday. I love reading your entries. Be strong and God will look out for you. You are such a good person and you’re going to be ok. We love u!

  3. Brad…I know it must be such an emotional rollercoaster each day. I know how hard it is to reach within the depths of your soul to stay positive and to take each day as it comes. I know in my life when I’ve had overcome things I tried to break things down even smaller and take things hour by hour. You are an incredibly strong, inspiring man and we will all be here for you to help and comfort you in anyway that we can! Love you!! xoxoc

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