12/5 – I Did This Too


This is good news. Maybe TMI but good news indeed.

In addition to this photo I actually had to pull the car over on Queens Blvd to pee. Not many trees around so a little tricky. I drink so much water that its unavoidable.

Today’s SILVER LINING? The NYPD squad car going the other direction didn’t see me! I think SEINFELD called that “uromistisis?”

Hosting a dinner tonight for 20 in the city. A little tired but forging ahead.

2 responses to “12/5 – I Did This Too

  1. Hi Brad,
    Don’t think we ever met.. I am a friend of your Mom’s and live down the street from her in PGA. I know Helene and the kids so I feel I know you as well. You are so strong to be able to share. I wish you and your family an easy time during treatment and of course a quick and complete recovery.
    See you in Florida
    Ellen Ptashek

  2. Dear Brad,
    We are all in your corner and we know you play to win. We are counting on you(as well as sending you strong vibes) I read your blog because I feel better seeing you optimistic and strong. By the way how can I get a strong bracelet? G D be witrh you. Tou are a winner. Love Shelly Reisman

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