I have to say how truly humbled I am at the response to this blog. The love, support and hugs from friends, family and community is overwhelming. I can’t thank everyone enough for words of kindness, emails and in person hugs.

This page was started as a way for me to write down my feelings (because I am not really good at expressing them otherwise) and a way to keep people informed of my course of treatment and recovery. It was NOT intended to draw attention to myself or to seek a spotlight in town. The thing is, when you live in a community such as ours that becomes unavoidable. We step up for each other. I have seen that time and time again within our extended walls.

That being said – I was fortunate enough to hear one of our ex-presidents, George W. Bush speak at a conference a couple of months ago. Now – before we turn this into a political rant – he said one thing that may be the most profound thing I have ever heard:


What that means to me is that when we love each other and support each other we give each other the confidence needed to tackle the obstacles we face – good things happen. We may not always succeed in those endeavors but that unconditional love gives us the confidence and courage to keep going and keep trying again and again. Your unconditional love inspires me to tackle this battle over and over again. Thank you all.


2 responses to “12/4 – (AM) SILVER LINING – ALL OF YOU

  1. Keep strong Brad!! We love you and think of you every day!! You are and will continue to be a true inspiration for all if us!! Have a great day!! xoxoxo

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