12/4 – AM 2

Just a quick note:

If anyone just wants quick updates or tidbits on MM, my treatment or quick thoughts without having to read my daily rant you can get it in 140 characters or less on Twitter by following @bradcoustan.

I am trying to link these two things together.

Also – for the Westfield and surrounding communities bradstrong bracelets are on the front porch. For those elsewhere that have requested Helene will send today.


3 responses to “12/4 – AM 2

  1. Brad, just heard the news today, from Craig Positive thoughts from Susan, Scott and Madeline. Here if you need ANYTHING! See you soon, and love a bradstrong bracelet.

  2. Brad, Glad you’re feeling our support from half-way across the country. We’re all thinking of you guys! Helen, please send us some bracelets for the Chicago crew! We’ll distribute to the family… xoxo

  3. We’re following your progress and think of you every day. You are bright, positive, articulate, and, yes, strong!
    We send our love.
    Cindy and Rick

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