Monday 12/3 – Treatment Begins

I arrived at Mt. Sinai to begin my first day of chemo and I will spare you all the details of check in but let’s just say the lesson of the day is to expect the unexpected. This entry will focus on the specifics – the medicine – the prognosis. The next one will be about my feelings.

First – blood work indicates this is stage 1. Calcium, renal function, anemia risk all pretty good for someone with MM.

Second – bones are OK at best. Biopsy shows normal amounts of fat/blood in marrow. The cells have infiltrated 20% of the overall marrow it seems. The CONCERN is that the lesions are widespread and mostly that the top of the left pelvic bone is basically gone. The SILVER LINING in this is that we really don’t use this part of the bone. If the pelvis showed other destruction we would be talking about getting orthopedist involved and this would complicate matters further. Hence why we need to begin treatment right away. The chemo SHOULD kill this blood tumor and allow the bone to begin to reconstruct itself.

Lastly – the genetics did not come back so well. I am in a high risk prognosis from a genetic stage based on historic tables. It DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING though. My blood is good. I have no other symptoms other than bone destruction. The prognosis is still good.

I am about to get injected with a cocktail called VCD – Velcade (shot), Dexamethasone (oral) and Cytoxan (IV). I will get this 4 times. Monday and Thursday for two weeks. Afterward we get a week off and then we switch to CRD. A new mix which includes Revlimid.

Enough technicals. I am going to be OK. My SILVER LINING today is Dr. Ajai Chai. He works with Dr. J and took the time to explain all this stuff to me very thoroughly. I am grateful today for Ajai.

Also SILVER LINING – I can get everything I need at Overlook with Dr. Lowenthal. Will make life much easier logistically.

As soon as I process the day I will post again my thoughts. The road to life begins today. TCB. Taking care of business.

6 responses to “Monday 12/3 – Treatment Begins

  1. You are an amazing strong man! You will beat this! Mitch and I are just a phone call away, day or night! Xo. Anita.

  2. Brad- You are one of the strongest guys I know and I have 100% faith that you will beat this monster back and regain your health soon. Crazy how life will not stop throwing curveballs… Just reach back and swing hard. I will be reading this blog regularly and will be constantly pulling for you!

  3. Big Cuz….big-time positive thoughts, energy and prayer coming to you from home. There is no way this shit can take you down. You are too big, too strong, too fast, too good. You will beat this, and if there’s anything we can do from Chicago to help you do so, just let us know. Even if you have one of those inevitable shit days and you’re feeling down, just let us know and we’ll send some renewed enthusiasm from Chitown. We’re thinking of you and we’re are 100% with you every step of the way. BRADSTRONG!

  4. You and Helene are always brightening up the town with life..thank you for sharing your experiences and being such an inspiration.
    Jen and Mike Salz

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