12/3 – special post

Thank you to my brother Craig who sat with me during my treatment today. I love you so much.

I got the good stuff in me now!

9 responses to “12/3 – special post

  1. Hi Brad, Your Chicago Family is with you right now, and all the way. I called your cell earlier today. Give me a call when you have a chance.

    Love you, Uncle Gary

  2. Brad, We are all thinking of you and sending our love from Chicago! We know you will beat this – keep up the positive attitude and focusing on all of the important things in life. Your posts are in inspiration to us! We are all here for you and your family… Sending lots of love and hugs from chicago.
    xoxoxo, Dara, Court, Ethan, Simon & Julia

  3. Brad we love you and are so proud of you and your uplifting spirit as always..We would be so proud to wear Bradstrong on our wrists,
    please let me know how we get them. Looking forward to tomorrows blog.. xoxo Tracy, Craig, Alec and Lindsay

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