5 responses to “Sunday 12/2

  1. Brad….you are truly the man!! I am so happy that you are in great spirits and that you have this blog!! We have been thinking of u NONSTOP since we heard the news!! You are a true fighter and have so many people that love, care, admire and respect you!! We will be here every step of the way for you and your family! I would be honored to wear one of those bracelets…keep fighting…stay strong…and know that you WILL get through this with all your friends and family by your side!! Love-Carole xoxoxo

  2. Maya, Aden, and I would be proud to wear the bracelets. You are so strong and we know you will beat this!! Big hugs! Liz

  3. Harrison and I wearing them 24/7 – It’s nice when people ask about it and I get a chance to say – Oh – it is for our friend who has some “C” to get rid of. We are sending good thoughts across the street to you all the time. Can’t wait until this is behind you!!!!!

  4. Hi Brad- Thinking of you all the time out here in Minnetonka. Doug, Alec and I would love to wear your bracelets. We know you will knock MM flat – you are the toughest! We love and miss you.


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