Thursday – (Thanksgiving)

Went to the gym. Back feels great. Read over the blood and xray reports again. That was not helpful. Looking forward to seeing hematologist again tomorrow.

I need more hugs.

What a great Thanksgiving with my parents, my family and my brother’s family. Thankful we could all be together. That is today’s SILVER LINING.: Milestones. I was thinking on the ride home about milestones. Funny how they change over the course of time. First Thanksgiving together. First Thanksgiving in our new home. First Thanksgiving with Victor. First Thanksgiving with Ava. All of the “firsts” become lasts. Will this be my last Thanksgiving?

Victor was acting up. I know he has questions. He is pissed and he has a right to be. Anyway we went upstairs and had a talk. He is so closed. I wish he could be more open, more talkative. Just like me, right? Finally he said it: “ I am worried dad. This is your second surgery. I am scared. I am reading a book about a kid whose dad died.” Heartbreak. Everything sinks. Milestones. What do you say to that? “ I am not going anywhere” I told him. “Right now we have nothing to worry about. Its gonna be tough – no doubt. There will be times when you think I am not gonna make it but if we do the right things and get this done I will be here for a long, long time. If we don’t do what we are about to do – I will not.” Simple, isn’t it. HUG. YOUR. KIDS. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.


THANKSGIVING FOOTBALL GAME 2012 – Me, Victor, Ava, Grandpa Ike, Drew, Doc Rick, Bender, Eric

One response to “Thursday – (Thanksgiving)

  1. Brad my heart goes out to you & your family. I just heard & I’m at a loss for words. Reading this post brings tears to my eyes given both my daughters (& I my husband) just a little over 3yrs ago. The hard part for us was (or was it a blessing), we didn’t know & couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

    Keeping you & your beautiful family in my thoughts & prayers.

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