Saturday – Diagnosis Day

Dr. Jagganath called.  Diagnosis confirmed.  He wants to start treatment on Monday.  1st cycle of Chemo.  9am at Mt. Sinai.  I am constantly questioning myself.  Am I approaching this the right way?  Is this the guy who will save my life?  There is experimental treatment in Arkansas right now that my brother in law Jeff is telling me I need to look at.  How can I go to Arkansas now?  What about work?  What about my family?  Do I give up my job to save my life or am I being way too dramatic about this?  Do I need Arkansas?  What about Hackensack?  Holy shit – it just became so real.  I have cancer.  I have cancer and these questions need to be answered – by Monday.  Holy shit.


SILVER LINING – hugs.  I got the uniforms for Victor’s bball team today and all the parents have been coming over to pick them up.  Everyone came with a hug.  What a community of people we live in.  We are truly blessed to have these friends.  Blessed.


One response to “Saturday – Diagnosis Day

  1. Brad – this blog is amazing and you are so loved by your family and friends. I am wearing my bracelet with pride and am so amazed that our newest friend from the walk’s father beat this 15 years ago. You go Brad! Best, Lauren Roth

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