Monday 11/26/12

Going for my bone marrow biopsy today in NYC.  Dr. Jagganauth is supposed to be the best.  Woke up in pain.  My chest, my back, my hip all in pain.  Just when you forget about this crazy shit it comes back.  It reminds you.  Hello Brad its your MM here.  I’m still here!  I’m still here!  Come and get me if you can.  Off to the doc.  See if this stuff can try and beat me.  I don’t think MM knows who its dealing with.  I am strong.  I will beat it back.


Good day.  Dr. Jagganauth is a competent smart guy.  Explained everything very carefully and thoroughly.  I am in good hands.  Had a bone marrow biopsy which basically means they numbed my back and stuck 4 needles into the bone to gather cells/marrow for study and diagnosis.  THAT SUCKED!  Not too painful thanks to the novacaine but the dull sensation of a needle inside your bones is not something I recommend.


The inevitable questions for Dr. J:  “Doc, I am going to live, right?”  He answered with one word – “yes.”  That’s the answer I was looking for.  Very matter of fact – “yes.”  I love that word.

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