Monday 11/26/12 – FRIENDS!

SILVER LINING OF THE DAY – FRIENDS!!!!! I have the best group of friends in the world. Couldn’t ask for better support, love and back up. Here is the email I sent from the car:


Guys –

Want to share some recent news with you all. Some of your wives may already know but I have been diagnosed with suspicions of a form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

I am on my way back from Mt Sinai now after meeting with the very best doctor in the country for this particular ailment. We will not have an official “diagnosis” until the results of a biopsy are back but we are fairly certain what the result will be.

The course of treatment will be Chemo, bone marrow transplant, and then more meds. I will probably start next week or week after.

All indications are that the prognosis is good and that I will lead a long life but as you know these types of things can throw a curve ball or two so I am cautiously optimistic. If you read anything about this cancer you will find that the survival rates are low but there has been huge advances in this area since most of that stuff was written.

I am only sending this out to you all in email form because I can’t pick which one of you I like best to call first. I love you all the same.

I have three requests:

1. Don’t use the C word (cancer) when talking about this with others. My kids know I am sick but I don’t want them to dwell on what it is.

2. If you see me – give me a hug. I could use a lot of hugs right now.

3. For those in my fantasy football league know that I will beat you all so badly this year and come back even stronger to defend my crown next year.

Count your blessings. I am blessed to have friends like you all.

I will beat this.

Sent from my iPhone


I sent that in tears but what came back was remarkable. All night long I got emails from each and every one of them with love, support and friendship. You can’t imagine how it feels to have friends like this. I love these guys.


ONE BAD THING – I was up 20 points in fantasy football going into MNF game and Philly’s back up running back scored 34 points for Joe Verga’s Joey Bagadonuts to beat me this week. Bryce Brown – YOU are the most insensitive player in the NFL. Give me a break! But I assure you this – Bryce Brown will be the ONLY thing that beats me this week. Take that Multiple Myeloma.






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