Hello world!

This is who I am. I am a future survivor of Multiple Myeloma. I was diagnosed in November of 2012 and it was confirmed today December 1, 2012. I begin my journey to beat this shit back Monday. I am strong. I am confident. I am able.

…and I have the best support system in the world. Friends, family and loved ones – together we are #bradstrong.

This is NOT a blog about blood counts and bone lesions. This IS a blog about who I am what I APPRECIATE most and how FORTUNATE I am to be surrounded by those who care so much. These are my feelings. I am intensely private so my feelings don’t come out easily. I hope to use this venue to allow those who LOVE me and SUPPORT me to understand my appreciation and undying GRATITUDE for that LOVE and SUPPORT.

This blog is about finding ONE SILVER LINING each and every day.




One response to “Hello world!

  1. HI Brad and Helene! Matt and I have been thinking about you everyday since we found out. We are confident that you will beat this. You are Strong, have a winning attitude and an amazing support system of family and friends.

    We look forward to reading your blog- love the concept of finding a Silver lining each day! Positivity is so key! Please let us know if you need anything- we are happy to help you or your family.
    Much love and luck,
    Bonnie and Matt

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